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Please Contact Us at:

Dr. Richard Goodfellow practice limited to TMJ and Sleep Therapy in Toronto
2200 Yonge St. Suite 210
Toronto, ON M4S 2C6

Phone: 416-487-9000

FAX: 416-487-9069
Email: goodfellowtmdandsleepclinic@gmail.com

Directions to reach our TMJ & SLEEP office.

From Yonge street, driving south. Turn right on Berwick Ave (south of Eglinton).

Turn right on ramp going upward, drive to the roof parking.

From there, take doors for the cinema theater, follow hallway to suite 210, on your right.

From subway Take the steps for the BMO, (south west corner) continue on the second floor, follow the hallway to suite 210, just   after the elevators on your left.